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The history of Irish pubs dates back several centuries, and these early establishments have long been essential meeting places for the local community. Over the centuries, Irish pubs have evolved to become gathering places for people of all nationalities, and the concept has been exported worldwide.

In France, Irish pubs began to gain popularity in the 1990s. The concept of the Irish pub was quickly embraced by the French, attracted by the warm and friendly atmosphere of these establishments, as well as their wide selection of beers and traditional Irish dishes.


The story of Irish Pub Marseille begins in 1997 when the creators, enthusiasts of Irish culture, opened one of the first Irish pubs in Marseille, the O'Malley's. This pub quickly became a great success and attracted many beer and live music lovers. Inspired by this initial success, the Irish Pub Marseille team decided to pursue their dream by opening other Irish pubs in the city.

In 2012, they created the Little Temple Bar, a uniquely styled pub that offers a warm atmosphere and a wide selection of quality beers. This pub quickly became one of the most popular bars in Marseille, attracting many regulars.

In 2018, the Irish Pub Marseille team opened the Morrison's, the latest addition to the family. This pub stands out with its Peaky Blinders-inspired prohibition-style look and large terrace. The Morrison's also offers a variety of quality cocktails, a wide selection of beers, delicious Irish cuisine, and lively student nights.

Today, the Irish pubs of Marseille, particularly the O'Malley's, Little Temple Bar, and Morrison's, are an integral part of the city's cultural life and offer an authentic Irish pub experience. They have become popular meeting places for Anglo-Saxons and anyone looking to discover Irish culture in Marseille.